Pangaea and the Arrival of the Oceans

Michael J White. 19th October 2012

Pangaea formed 240 million years ago. Fish are the most ancient form of life with a history of 450 million years.


Name for a single supercontinent that formed about 240 million years ago.
Present land masses plus their continental shelves can be fitted into this one continent.
4,600 million years ago the Earth was formed.

Sun 5,000 million years old.

A solid iron silicon Mars size projectile would impact planet Earth 4,500 million years ago.
Few fossils found in rocks 4,000 million years ago.

Most stars are members of an initial binary.

Solar planets contain more than 99% of the angular momentum of the Solar system.
Sun contains 99.87% of the mass of the Solar system.

Zircon is actually the oldest known mineral on earth. Samples found from Western Australia are more than 4,400 million years ago

Let us go to that native person on the equator who at one end of the street would discover that with water leaving a funnel it would rotate in one direction, at the other end of the street in the opposite direction.

Imagine somewhere in that street you have a thin high speed rotating disc. At one end of the street the disc would appear to rotate clockwise, at the other end of the street it would appear to rotate anticlockwise. The disc would be displaced by the gravitational effects of the Sun and the Milky Way.

The thickness of the thin high speed rotating thrust disc would rotate the Moon in its orbit and provide the graviton stacking hopper of planet Earth with the required amount of gravitons that are lost at the proton due to entrainment. Making comparisons with the rings of Saturn may help in deciding the exact thickness of the thrust disc.

We require to know the thickness of the thrust disc to our star the Sun, and all of the Solar Planets and what is the extent of their influence.

By some calculations from 90 to 99% of the matter in the universe is not radiating at any wavelength in the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Since this important discovery was only made in the l93Os, scientists before this may have come to some very different conclusions with regard to the cosmos.

Divide a 50mm diameter sphere in half 29 times and you are down to the size of an atom.

Divide a 50mm diameter sphere in half 111 times and you are down to the size of a graviton.

The nucleus of an atom is as a fly in a cathedral. This mass of material not radiating at any wavelength in the entire electromagnetic spectrum over the whole Universe means that we are all subject to space pressure which before the l93Os could not have been envisaged by scientists before this date.

Space pressure must be constant because the speed of light is constant whatever the speed of travel.

The diameter of the Sun is about 1,392,000 km. In order to get a hot Sun the only thing we require is for a planet to become a certain size. In order to get a Sun made from Hydrogen we must strip away all neutrons. We are then left with single protons and electrons. The Milky Way is 13,500 million years old. Mass of a Black Hole is 1,000 times less than the mass of the galaxy The Milky Way.

However a Black Hole is 4 million times the mass of our Sun.

The most promising place to look for Black Holes is in binary systems such as HDE 226868-CygnusX-1 There is an apparent observation of gravitational waves emanating from the centre of our own galaxy. This energy would be equivalent to a loss mass of many thousands of solar masses per year.

This is in gross conflict with other observations.

The Milky Way is over 100,000 light years across and has a supermassive Black Hole at its central nucleus. The gravity system which holds the Solar system together cannot hold the mighty Milky Way together especially when you consider that it is moving at the incredible speed of 900,000 mph towards the constellation of Virgo. The Milky Way once again shaped like a disc, however, take a fishing float at the centre and it is in flight mode at 35° to this.

The solar system however is making its way around the Milky Way at 500,000 mph.

The core or nucleus of the galaxy is surrounded by a bulge of stars that grows denser closer to the centre. This forms an ellipsoid of about 15,000 by 6,000 light years, the longest dimension lying along the plane of the Milky Way.

Young stars etch out a spiral pattern and it is thought that they radiate from a bar.

The thickness of the Milky Way is about 2,000 light years. The Sun lies about 25,000 light years from the centre. The stars in the bulge have the highest orbital rates. They can travel hundreds of light years above and below the plane of the Milky Way.

Within the disc, stars stay mainly in the plane of the galaxy as they orbit the galactic centre.

Stars are normally binaries in the first instant, sometimes there are even a pair of binaries.

Was our star the Sun part of a binary. The fact that the planets have over 99% of the angular momentum of the Solar system would suggest that the Sun was part of a binary.

The only way the planets could have this angular momentum is if the thrust disc of our Sun took a small number of molten orbs out of its opposite number.

It perhaps may be considered that our star the Sun was formed by means of accretion. However since the Sun is made of hydrogen you must shed all neutrons in order to be left with protons and electrons. Accretion is not a possibility. Therefore further to the difficulty of producing a binary by means of accretion it must be considered that a binary must be manufactured.

When considering the layout of a Black Hole together with the location of the surrounding stars it must be considered that this is the most likely location for the manufacture of binary stars.

My only clue here is the fact that one scientist would depict a pair of trouser legs within the Black Hole The reason for this I do not know, however:- In order to strip away all the neutrons in order to leave us with protons and electrons let us imagine we have a donut shaped star here, particles as they approach the speed of light entering the donut increase in mass, greatly accentuating the effects of gravity.

The excess mass of particles must escape and we would pose the possibility that it is via a pair of trouser legs. Let us visit one of those molten orbs released by the thrust disc of our star the Sun, which was to become planet Earth.

The five continents that we call home did not put in an appearance until 240 million years ago. However fish are the most ancient forms of life with a history of 450 million years and the Nautilus a history of 500 million years.

We therefore have the case that our ancestral home Pangaea 250 million years ago was a molten supercontinent in the middle of an ancient ocean.

What a spectacular vision.

Let us face it fish are “fusspots” to end all “fusspots” when it comes to quality of water. They go belly up at the drop of a hat.

Fish require oxygen to breath. Just how long does it take to oxygenate clear ice water?

This really is the job of a foundry manager to work all this out and not myself.

Few fossils are found in rocks 4,000 million years ago- Planet Earth was only formed 4,600 million years ago. You can clearly see where this is heading to. Even a few fossils 4,000 million years ago must mean they were produced with water present.

Low and behold, what happened between 4,000 and 4,600 million years ago planet Earth was impacted by a solid iron silicon Mars size projectile 4,500 million years ago.

I would suggest here that the Mars size projectile would be covered by at least 50 km thick of ice in order to give us our oceans. It would beggar belief that the oceans could arrive piecemeal onto a recent molten orb that even 250 million years ago was in support of a molten supercontinent.

However clearly it would take many millions of years to oxygenate those oceans.

I would further suggest the Mars size projectile was not a glancing blow but would burrow its way into the centre of planet Earth shedding its cargo of ice transforming the surface of planet Earth and leaving us with a safety valve for the molten material within which was to become our ancestral home Pangaea.

However the Mars size projectile would blast a large amount of molten material out into space in order to form our Moon.

We now consider what is called “the effects of gravity” Every particle in the Universe attracts every other with a force which is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their separation.

The gravitational potential at a point in a gravitational field is defined as being numerically equal to the work done in bringing a unit mass from infinity (where the potential is zero) to that point.

However to me gravity is a fluid that in its application would persuade us the recipient that though we move through space at the most incredible speed, we sense no movement.

Gravity is a fluid that however large or vigorous that object will always stay to the surface. Therefore precisely what is my theory with regard to the effects of gravity.

From 90-99% of the matter in the Universe is not radiating at any wavelength in the entire electromagnetic spectrum. That surely means the particles are most small.

Divide a 50 mm diameter sphere in half 29 times and you are down to the size of an atom. Divide a 50 mm diameter sphere in half 111 times and you are down to the size of a graviton.

The nucleus of an atom is as a fly in a cathedral. This means this mass of graviton material must place us under space pressure.
This means this mass of graviton material can pass through human beings and anything else with comparative ease. This means the electric charge is simply space pressure being channelled into an area for our use. A 1974 Dictionary of Science would state “Science does not understand the nature of an electric charge”.

Since in some cases the electron moves at one thousandth of one mile per hour and the charge at the speed of light, it is a fair bet the electron is not the nature of an electric charge.

So we will state that the electron moves and space pressure moves in the opposite direction in order to meet the oncoming void.

That is the nature of an electric charge. In order for us to travel through space at high speed planet Earth must attract a fluid which passes through the human race and our senses relate only to that fluid and not the speed of the Solar system through space.

We must consider why planet Earth should attract the graviton. First of all we now have our spatial fluid particles however why the movement of planet Earth.

We must return to that African person at the Equator who at one end of the street water leaving a funnel would rotate in one direction and at the other end would rotate in the opposite direction. Therefore if you imagine a rotating disc in the middle of the street.

Look from one side and it is clockwise, look from the other side of the street and it is anticlockwise. This disc is orbiting our Moon around planet Earth, however the purpose of this disc is to feed the stacking hopper of planet Earth which is how we are held to the surface and sense no movement.

A more visual image of such a disc is around Saturn. Our star the Sun works exactly in the same way. The thrust disc to the Sun is merely there to supply the stacking hopper with the correct amount of gravitons. The fact that planet Earth is within that thrust disc is the reason for our orbital speed.

It is like water going down a plug hole, faster towards the Sun.

The reason why we do not follow the graviton flow is of interest of course. However we do not.

The appetite for gravitons via a thrust disc and stacking hopper at the Sun is the reason for our rotation within the Solar system.
The very same system of thrust disc and stacking hopper at planet Earth and the implosion of gravitons towards planet Earth is what we call gravity. However why the implosion?

The simple word is “entrainment”.

Stand on a railway platform as a 125 is passing through and you are wise to stand well back, since the 125 removes the air from in front of you and 14.7 lb per sq inch in the old money will thrust you into the side of the train.

As you are driving your car down an “A” road a large truck travelling in the opposite direction will remove air from one side of your car and 14.7 lb per sq inch will give you a shove from the other side.

However the proton within the atom is said to be the interesting attractive feature.

Why do I think that it is an attractive force? Space pressure cannot be present at the surface, therefore gravitons are entrained about the proton removing gravitons from the spatial system which have to be replaced by thrust disc and stacking hopper.

A visual image may be seen in an air ventilation system. Take a venturi tube. At the entrance a narrow annular slot. Feed that annular slot with 100 psi air, atmospheric pressure cannot be present at the entrance to the venturi and atmospheric air drives the annular jet down the venturi together with much entrained air as well.

This is called coanda effect.

Foot note:- In order to get a closer evaluation of when the oceans arrived we must consider the most ancient of gemstones such as zircon which must have been produced in the presence of water.

The mechanics of how zircon should make an appearance on our ancestral home Pangaea has not been explained by myself or scientists.
Though I do remember on some TV programmes they would state that on some of their travels they were standing on an ancient sea bed.

You may be curious as to why astronauts out near the space station are just floating about and do not appear to be influenced by the flight of the Milky Way 900,000 mph towards the constellation of Virgo.

This is because the astronauts are within the thrust disc of our star the Sun travelling without impediment. To travel within the constellation of the Milky Way clearly you are contained by its gravitational influence. Travel just outside the Milky Way and you will head towards the constellation of Virgo at 900,000 mph.

The name of the game is to place all events in chronological order.
Make sure that all the pieces of jigsaw puzzle fit together, consider the result then write down your conclusions. These are my conclusions however the age of the Universe is 13,700 million years. Age of the Sun 5,000 million years.
Therefore just 8,700 million years after the birth of the Universe the Solar system was to come into being.

That statistic would quite frankly freak me out. Pangaea the Safety Valve. In order to relieve seismic internal pressure in early planet Earth.

Pangaea Our Ancestral Home.

Pangaea and the arrival of the Oceans