When Brexit was declared myself and I am sure millions of people around the world would expect that the mechanics of dialogue would appear on our TV screen and would discuss the various options available.

Which option would be most agreeable to both EU and the UK?

How would it be possible to protect the interests of both parties? What part shoud the administrators for Europe play or should they assign responsibility for Brexit
to a country in Europe that they would most likely align to.

First what are the various sections consist of. Who decides what comes first and what is the subject for dialogue at the beginning of negotiations?

Does each successive dialogue decided in turn first by the EU, and then the UK or does the EU decide the nature of all dialogue.

The whole world would wait in eager anticipation as dialogue would enfold.

We would be treated to silence and a succession of UK delegates resignation and no resignation from the EU.

How does Brexit compare with other EU negotiations?

The UK would, at the request of the USA, offer their factory units on behalf of Germany in the way of War Reparation. Germany had been absolved of all debt world wide and world wide all countries must repay to Germany that which they would owe from 1939 at 1945 rates.

There was not a country in the world, including the UK, that would dare would dare argue with the USA, they at this time were so powerful.

The countries in mainland Europe were vassal to Germany during World War II and because of Potsdam 1945 that would preside over, they are vassal to Germany to the present day.

Of course because there is no EU language  it is far easier for France to administer the EU on behalf of Germany.

This is most expensive on the budget of the EU.

WHY DID President Truman find it necessary to subject the UK to such misery. After we were their allies and by marriage via Winston Churchill we were actually married into the USA.

The answer to this is simple enough, President Truman did not want Adolf Hitler type character showering the West with atom bombs.

Did Potsdam 1945 become part of negotiations? Should Potsdam 1945 become part of Brexit negotiations?

The only thing that I have been informed with regard to Brexit is the Northern Ireland border.

Quite simply when parliament talks only about second referendum and many similar discussion the whole affair has become an embarrassing Punch and Judy show that has even dragged in
antisemitism to its aid.

When this sort of event happens an agenda is afoot.
I wonder what it is?

The UK role in the future which of course would include the loss of most of our factory units which at the time were making good profits would mean that the EU would be of the opinion that degregation of the UK was the order of the day.

Let’s face it British Leyland was to the point of ridiculous and when I would ask the British Library in London if they had a copy of the published brochure they were so embarrassed they would deny all knowledge.

However 1 was a student at the Butts Technical College during 1950 the most marvelous education establishment in the whole world. Also because of the people that I would know the events were close and personal.

Therefore I would say to 1950’s descendants to be proud of your pedigree. Immigration UK may have well developed social system that you do not have since they wore not directly involved
in the madness of Europe in the 1900’s no way will they acquire your amazing pedigree nor will they ever understand the mechanics of Europe.

In conclusion France would accuse the UK of being the Trojan Horse in the EU.

Clearly France is the Trojan Horse in Brexit since they would deliberately leave the most difficult item: the Irish border until last in order to thwart the will of Brexit.

There is but one solution: Remainers in a Customs Union, Leavers leave March 29 2019.

In this case, contrary to popular belief, one size does not fit all.

In the long run this arrangement could prove to be in the best interest of the UK and France will fight it tooth and claw.

Brexit Reflections