Would it be possible for the people in Northern Ireland to retain their E.U.driving licence?

This to be issued yearly by Brussels.

Every time an application was made for a driving license by a Northern Ireland citizen they also must give their travel arrangements over the border over the previous year and to state the identity of the vehicle.

This could be checked by cameras.

In this way Northern Ireland will Brexit as required, however while they  are crossing the border they will be considered to be E.U. citizens.

Hopefully this will satisfy the Republic of Ireland.

In other words every vehicle crossing the border must be accounted for.

The E.U. licence for Northern Ireland citizens will be different to a normal E.U. driving licence.

A log book will be added to the driving licence and each trip over the border must be recorded, Northern Ireland citizens may of course be able to use their E.U.driving licence in the U.K. however they will not be able to use it for trios to the continent.

In this case a normal U.K. driving licence must be in use.

Farm vehicles that have plates for travel on roads, must have distinctive Northern Ireland livery.

this would also apply to building industry vehicles, and storehouse vehicles.

The Republic of Ireland would have a reciprocal arrangement.

Everyone in a situation like the Northern Ireland border with an E.U. country has an agenda. The Republic of Ireland was a neutral country during World War II.

This would clearly demonstrate that when there is a problem between mainland Europe and the U.K. quite simply they refuse to be involved.

Ireland is separate from mainland Europe, the other side of the U.K. bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

They are not attached to mainland Europe so what is the problem?

I do not know how the E.U. would solve problems with their member states.

However it is clearly the problem of the E.U. since the U.K. are quite happy with free movement across the border.

This is not a U.K. problem it is an E.U. problem.

When Brexit would arrive my first impression, the E.U. was acting most strangely and they wanted the E.U. to fail and Germany and France could separate from the E.U.

However they have finally raised their flag to the mast. They said in order for the Irish border problem to be solved Northern Ireland must join the Customs Union.

They are there fore hoping the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland will remain in the E.U., leaving just Wales and England in the U.K.

Not one single time in negotiations, has the E.U. agreed with the position of the U.K. according to my viewing. of the T.V.

However the bottom line for the U.K. is that the United Kingdom should stay in its present form.

Who is going to blink first?

Will the E.U. take it to the wire? and the U.K. will have to pull the play, with the idea that the U.K. will be in a much worse position than the E.U.

it is quite clear to the whole World the position of the Republic of Ireland with regard to the border.

The solution to the border problem is quite simple, whenever anyone is crossing the border they become E.U. citizens.

Here we have so many agenda’s the situation has become ridiculous.

However the bottom line here is that it is the job of the E.U. to solve this problem and a solution is clearly possible.

The German mark had been worth 12 cents at the beginning of 1919 which was half of its value from before the war but still manageable. But by the beginning of 1920 the mark was worth a mere 2 cents and collapsing further each month.

Germany also had lost 6 million men during the 1914-18 was forced into surrendering land containing half of its natural resources, plus all of its overseas, colonies.

Compare this with what happened at Potsdam.

The U.K. would pay war reparation on behalf of Germany.

However the secret to the success of this scenario, the West was only required to be responsible for half of Germany.

It is quite clear that  should Northern Ireland enter the Customs Union, this is tantamount,

to Northern Ireland


City of London remaining in the E.U.

All three will jump onto the band wagon.

We require a Potsdam agreement Part 2 here!

Remember German citizens were cleared from whole towns near the Potsdam conference.

The reason for the philosophy:-

” make Germany strong”

The damage to Germany was far greater in 1945 than anything that any country had experienced in 1919.

Ernest Bevin, British Foreign Minister was more blunt with regard to Germany Saying :-

“I try to be fair to them, but I hate them really.”

Germany with regard to the U.K. being in the E.U. would of course reciprocate that statement .

95% of U.S.A. citizens had no intention of involving themselves with yet another European war at the beginning of World War II and the U.K. / Russian alliance would prevent Germany from the whole occupation of Europe, during the first two years of the ear.

Germany with regard to Brexit has no intention of being fair to the U.K.

With regard to the location of the E.U. parliament in Belgium, Leopold III of Belgium chose to make a premature surrender of his forces to the Germans on 27 May and then proceeded to stay in his occupied country. Belgium’s surrender exposed the flank of the British Expeditionary Force in France It is not possible ti have meaningful fair negotiations with Brussels and the U.K.

November 1941 the House of Representatives passed by eighteen votes a bill to amend the Neutrality Act, thus allowing American merchantmen to sail into war zones. King George VI would state America is not nearly ready for war, but will wake up when the enemy sink armed U.S. merchant men. What the king did not know a U.S. tanker S.S, Perisphone 25 May 1942 would take two hits from U-593-probably the only vessel torpedoed while under blimp escort in two world wars.

K-4 was the blimp escort.

With Regard to the Border – Northern Ireland with the E.U.