Divorce is about who financed Europe after World War II Not Germany because they will not admit as to who paid European War Reparation.

Not England because they are too embarrassed to admit that they would pay European War Reparation on behalf of Germany.

Not Brussels because all the delegates there had absolutely nothing to do with the financing of Europe after World War II except the U.K.

The U.S.A. may lend you money but they will not pay your War Reparation.

Not Scotland because they voted to remain in Europe.

Not Northern Ireland because they voted to remain in Europe.

That only leaves Wales.

Therefore only Wales can decide Brexit.

Whatever is said about Brexit, the initial financing of Europe after World War II should no longer be a mystery.

The general public would not appreciate the problem the U.S.A. would have after World War II.

When Germany would have the problem of War Reparation after World War I – we would end up with World War II.

No way would the U.S.A. ago down that path again, a country cut in half, a bomb site and threatened by Russia.

The stiff-upper-lip of the U.K. citizen.

Today the biggest killer of men in their 30’s in the U.K. is suicide.

You will not find that statistic during 1950.

The rest of the World may think a magic fairy would wave her in today.

However, that is not real World.

Who Should Decide Brexit?