De Gaulle briefly came out of retirement in 1954 with Jacques Rueff’s successful monetary reform which killed off inflation, the road was clear for the general to rewrite the constitution to create the fifth republic and move into the presidency. It was at that stage that he reluctantly accepted the nation of a united Europe revolving on a Franco German alliance which had formed after World War II.

Half of France was Vichy during World War II, Germany was split in half as a result of Potsdam 1945, Russia had five times the number of troops as NATO and the mechanics for dialogue between Germany and France had been forged during world war ii. A decision was made here that France would play the dominant administrative role in Europe. What was to be the role of the UK when they would join the EU?

France would complain that when the UK would join the E.U. We would then be the Trojan horse of the USA.

The dictionary would describe this as “A person or device implanted to bring about an enemy’ downfall” or computing “A program designed to breach the security of computer system while ostensibly performing some innocuous function.”

This would suggest that France, the administrator for Europe would state that when the UK would join the EU we were not to be trusted.

This would mean the UK was not involved in any way with regard to the day to day decisions of the EU.

One certain UK. M.E.P. Would then make scathing attacks upon the Brussels parliament and this would lead to Brexit and the problems of Mrs May.

Mrs May now has agreement with the EU with regard to Brexit. Therefore why does Mrs May have problems with the parliament at Westminster?

Judging by the scathing attacks by some MP’s they quite simply have not researched the subject from Potsdam 1945 to the present day.

It is quite amazing with regard to the complexity of the subject that there is a deal on the table. Mrs May & the EU should be given high marks for effort.

The statement made by France would appear most strange since it was the USA that would make Brussels possible at Potsdam 1945.

Who should administer Europe – UK or France?