Recently I would ask for a book on the entry into Tibet of Chairman Mao. There is no book.

Recently I would ask the Court of Human Rights for details of statutes relating to post World War II. Clearly, there are none.

I would acquire a rather expensive book on the French Car industry in order to find details of Hillman – Ryton on Duns – more entry into that industry, there were none.

As a student of mechanical engineering during 1950 on one day release, entering a five-year indentured apprenticeship an office boy in Materials Control 1950, an aero engine fuel system designer 1960.

There was neither Rhyme nor Reason for all that would happen.

While visiting Coventry during 2001 I would ask an old timer what has happened to all your industry?

They would reply “it went for war reparation”.

In other words, they are saying we have gifted 1950’s Coventry (U.K.) industry to West Germany in order to stem the tide of Russia from East Germany after the Second World War.

Germany did not become whole until 9th November 1989.

If would be sometime after this date before Germany would be in complete control of its pre-war territory.

Making Germany strong this time around was crucial for the survival of Europe.

The rest of the World would pay a serious affect however to their ability to innovate. U.K. industry pedigree was deep-rooted in the 1700’s. No other country in the World would have this pedigree.

I would design an aircraft dive brake in the mid 50’s.

A French aircraft designer would enter the office, his confidence in the position of France in Europe was quite amazing.

During 1960 as an aero engine fuel system designer, German Engineers would enter the office.

Their arrogance was out of this World and some were way over the top and had to be sent home.

What did they Know and we did not?

Later we were to discover:

The U.S.A. had dubbed.

Germany Victor.

U.K. Vanquished.

Russia Ogre.

Russia was an ally of Germany.

Had they not changed sides and became an ally of the West, today most certainly we would have Europe dominated by a relation of Adolf Hitler. Since 95% of the population of the U.S.A. did not want to enter the European Was at that period of time, most certainly there would have been no redemption from that quarter. 

Russia changing sides was a serious blow to Germany and the rancor would remain in both Germany and the U.S.A. to this day.

This, of course, would mean that possible disastrous foreign policy decisions are being made with regard to China. Japan. North Korea.

We will never be forgiven for dropping an atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

However, I have tried to redress the balance, I purchased a Mazda2 motor car from Hiroshima.

Also, I am quite happy for China to look after that pristine wilderness Tibet. It is the water supply to the largest group of people in the World and is hence their responsibility.

That would, however, leave Europe with a serious problem.

Hopefully, good relations will be maintained between China and Europe. Hong Kong and China was a successful partnership.

China, however, has a border with Kazakstan, therefore since the future is an unknown quantity Europe must also have a border together with a base in Vladivostok.

This means we must bring part of Russia in from the cold.

The weirdest effect of post World War II was when Leyland would produce an enormous number of factory locations in their brochure in 1968 and by 1980 most would disappear as if by magic, leaving a traumatic workforce in their wake.

The speed of dispatch of the U.K. citizen factory unit may prompt them to think, the loss of employment is due to War Reparation and not a failing on their part.

A.C. Wickman would produce the most advanced automatic machine tools in the World. Today there is just a street named after them.

The firm I was with in the early days before I would join the aircraft industry. I would note would finally close its doors in 1986. I would ask a work colleague in the year 2010 for the reason and was told it was because the daughter of a deceased Director shareholder would sell her shares.

AnM.P. would say we are the most liberal country in the World and it is like the Wild West out there.

An example of this was when Raleigh-Cycles would move lock, stock, and barrel to China.

However, a cycle firm would open up in Lincoln.

I would purchase one of their cycles.

Many years later when selling the cycle to a shop I was told by the owner, you would be unable to purchase a cycle of that quality in the U.K. today.

The number of factory locations during 1950 that some people were well aware of the mechanics of all that was happening in engineering post-World War II and they would promptly hot foot it out of engineering even though they would be in a favorable position.

War reparation paid by way of our factory stock within the U.K. on behalf of Germany should be part of the Brexit negotiation.

That is why Germany is fanatical with regard to a divorce settlement up front. Once that happens the above is then dead in the water.

Our factory stock in aid of Germany and the U.K. and neither wish to talk about it.

Where There is Neither Rhyme nor Reason