We are the United Kingdom. Each part of the Kingdom has the right to self determination as was demonstrated by the Scottish Referendum. Truth of the matter: England and Wales voted to leave and they should be allowed to do so. Northern Ireland, Scotland and the City of London voted to remain and they should be allowed to do so by being in a common customs union. There is no problem with all four being present in the Palace of Westminster.

Why should the problem with Northern Ireland border take precedence over all else with regards to Brexit? There are other parts of the UK that would wish to leave the EU or remain in a customs union. Why should it bother Northern Ireland about being in a custom union providing they are in the same customs union as Scotland and the City of London. There can be no complaint, Northern Ireland should not be used as an excuse for preventing England and Wales leaving the EU.

Clearly there will be complications and these will take five years to resolve. However, these five years should allow Brussels to settle 70% of trade talks. Half divorce bill up front, half after five years. England and Wales must be allowed to leave March 29 2019. That is their right.

A Westminster M.P. would describe the UK as the most liberal country In the World, and it is like the “Wild West” out there. The citizens of the UK have to cope with it. The EU will have to learn to cope. However the UK were far too liberal at Potsdam 1945 in order to rescue Europe. There should have been safe guards in place in order to protect the UK in the future. The EU would make it quite clear in order for the border of Northern Ireland to remain as it is Northern Ireland must always be in customs union.

That would mean the only solution to Brexit is for the Remainers:-Northern Ireland, Scotland and the City of London to be in the same customs union with England and Wales the Leavers, to leave on the 29 March 2019.

The City of London being in a customs union would lead to an interesting situation. Door to Door from outside the Greater London area would not happen and the air quality would be much improved. Visitors from England to Greater London would have to park up their cars outside London and travel the rest of the way by bus or train. Perhaps Crossrail at the moment under final construction should carry goods and people and then from various stations by electric van to shop destination. The goods to be carried outside the commuter hours and weekends.

In any debate on TV Potsdam 1945 is a forbidden subject. In any debate on TV giving people what they voted for: Northern Ireland, Scotland and the City of London were Remainers and should be in a common customs union. England and Wales Were Leavers and should be allowed to leave on the 29 March 2019 is also a forbidden subject.

UK Parliament is clearly in lock down. This opportunity for the UK should not be allowed to be kicked into touch. Clearly now Brexit must be by Royal Proclamation in conjunction with Jean Chude and the House of Lords.

With regard to people from Africa shores sweeping into Europe without any means of restraint the EU, like the UK with Brexit would ramble on about anything except a solution.

Jean Claude brought about a solution and now few from Africa shores sweep into Europe without invitation. Buckingham Palace, Jean Claude and the House of Lords are the ones to make just a few adjustments to the present deal and get negotiations on Brexit successfully concluded.

Since Nissan and European Airbus are in the leave area of the UK they must immediately be given protection by the EU other arrangements with regard to trade to be in the five year period.

I am not certain that the real reasons for Honda returning to Japan have been established. My opinion is they think they can now design cars that will give their competitors a lot of problems and they do not want anyone outside Japan involved.

The Solution to Brexit is Simple