Do you  sometimes wonder shy the French Car Marque are there to this day. However all the U.K. owned

Car Marque are gone forever.

The reason simply is politics.

After the French Revolution Government would become fanatical about the rights of its citizens in the workplace.

What happened to U.K. industry between 1950-1980 would never happen in French and of course today Europe would be Communist.

We could of course offer Stalin all of Germany providing the rest of Europe would be free of Russia.

This would have been my preferred option, since we would not have to offer our industry as War Reparation.

However I would not criticize the U.S.A. in the least with regard to the model they would impose on Europe.

Hoe do you make sense of the madness of Europe in the 1900’s 

The Eden Camp in Yorkshire, in the Chapel would total all those killed in World War I & II.

The numbers were so obscene, they were forced to take them down.

To return to the U.K. motorcar industry. There was a book produced British Leyland. I must congratulate them, them would make the removal of all the vehicles a natural phenomena.

Should you believe it, you would have to be naive to the point of ridiculous. However they did say you would need a very thick book to cover British Leyland.

I myself never travelled in a poorly made British car, and my last car a Rover 25 over many years I had literally no problems whatsoever.

Let us return to Brexit.

We would pay War Reparation on behalf of Europe in order to make sure that Europe would not turn Communist.

It must be said the U.S.A. did a very good job, today Russia has a GDP of less than Italy.

However do not think for one moment that is to our advantage. Today our backdoor is wide open to China.

However, the U.K. is in a it of a fix.

Brexit could mean a break up of the U.K.

The E.U. is in a position to prevent this.

Are they willing?

What would bring about Brexit?

“the three month rule” that even E.U. citizens say is ridiculous.

Brussels would say our earnings from prostitution should be included in our yearly payments.

The U.K. would be the second largest donor to the E.U. after Germany.

Were we from an industrial point of view treated with the respect normal on this situation?

De Gaulle tried to tell us that was never going to happen.

The relationship between France and Germany is interesting.

After World War II Germany was split in half and half of France was Vichy France. There was at the time acarefully built machine for dialogue between the two countries.

Due to the threat of Russia, Germany and France virtually become one country.

Watch their respective body language in Brussels.

The German/French Club is the most exclusive Club in the World and no outsider gets a vote.

My main concern in all this, is not the break up of the U.K. but  the break up of the E.U.

Germany Is in the black and all E.U. member are in the red. 

Germany and France are acting very strangely with regard to this bulk payment to Brussels.

Brussels has a terrible reputation with regard to handing a bulk amount and balancing their books.

Obviously the U.K. should continue to pay our nett contribution for a number of years to the E.U.

This to be monitored by the U.K. and Germany.

This clearly is not going to happen.

The excessiveness of Brussels should be reigned in.

French speaking E.U. parliament within seven years.

The Court of Human Rights scrapped. It has a 95% failure rate and the statutes that it would ask you to refer to simply do not exist.

It is also most expensive to maintain.

My impression is that Germany and France want the E.U. to fail and Brexit would help them to achieve this.

Germany and France would disappear like two lovers into the mists of time.

Germany every situation is finite and the rest of the World would watch your every move.

China has a border with Kazakhstan. YOU DO NOT.

The Pride we had in the English Car Marque During 1950