(1) Our vehicle the Milky Way is travelling at 900,000 mph. Why do we sense no movement?
(2) Why do the solar planets contain more than 99% of the angular momentum of the Solar System.
(3) A 1974 dictionary of science would state, “Science does not understand the nature of an electric charge”. What is the explanation today?
(4) How does the oceans of planet Earth arrive and when? Hint. Science would say water would show evidence at volcanoes.
(5) Describe the fluid system design model that would secure us safely to the surface of planet Earth.
(6) Describe the gravitational fluid system design model that would form the Milky Way.
(7) What is the definite thickness of drape form dense shell around planet Earth that returning astronauts require to force their way through? (Please do not say the Earth’s atmosphere).
(8) What is the difference between the gravitational force field design model of the Milky Way and that of the Solar System.
(9) What is the fluid system design model that would form a binary star and strip it of its neutrons? ( Please do not say by means of accretion).
(10) How did diamonds arrive on the continent of Africa?
(11) How many times do you divide the 50mm dia sphere in half in order to achieve the size of an atom? How many times do you divide a 50mm dia sphere in half in order to achieve the size of a graviton? How small is the nucleus of an atom?
(12) Why does the proton of an atom would attract and yet a neutron does not?
(13) What role does the electron play within the atom?
(14) What are the innards of a Black Hole and what is the nature of the production line?
(15) What proportion of the Universe is not visual on the whole electromagnetic spectrum?
(16) How is light transported through space and since colour is within its innards, what role does it play?
(17) Does planet Earth float in a cosmic fluid and its movement overall tidal?
(18) During the early age of planet Earth, a solid iron silicon Mars size projectile would impact. What was the outcome?
(19) What is the power unit that drives Earth on its private invisible highway round the Sun?
(20) A native of Africa in a town at the Equator would have a funnel full of water allowing the water to escape. He would place a straw on the surface of the water. One end of the street the straw would rotate clockwise, at the other end of the street, anticlockwise. What is happening during this experiment?
(21) What is the relationship between the activity upon the surface of the elemental land masses of our native home “Pangaea” and that of release of heat from the core of planet Earth? The strength returning the needle of a compass has significantly reduced over the last one hundred years, is this an indication of increased molten mass within the core of planet Earth?