An Industrial View of the Cosmos

The most important information that a scientist should give us:-

How can we stand on planet Earth and yet sense no movement?

They will talk about a big-bang. (I would not like to be asked to produce a design model).

Hadrons, Quarks, and other exotic particles. A black board covered in formulae, however these can only tell us what is happening at a point in time and they are not a design model.

Quantum theory is concerned with the relationship between MATTER and ENERGY at the elementary or subatomic level. However no solution to the above question.

Superstring theory would explain nuclear forces and the force of gravity and still we do not know why we sense no movement?

Searching for dark matter:-

Watching programmes on this subject is really beginning to force me into an argument I would intend to steer clear of.

However, when I am able to watch a programme on the fluid system dynamics of thrust disc, certain volume stacking hopper, drape forming gravitons, nature of electric charge, coanda effect at the proton, the effect of pi and the necessity of the electron, change of rotation in that town on the equator, thickness, size and rotation of a thrust disc in order to supply the requirement of the stacking hopper, introduction of the neutron after hydrogen, space available in the atom for free movement of spacial particles, light transported through space and colour within its innards employing proper industrial design principles, I may then become interested in their conversation.

Who knows, they may even include thrust disc dispersal of molten orbs within binary stars.

Why the arrival of Volume One, “gravityindustrialdesign” ?  ‘g’ would appear within formulae at regular interval.

However as an aero engine fuel system designer it would be apparent that there was no fluid system design explanation.

The consideration of this would become something of a hobby of mine after 1960.

When too old for the drawing board, I was not happy to view engineering from afar, I would enrol onto a graduate equivalent certificate of education course and would eventually become a Craft Design and Technology School Teacher.

I would meet a Dean of Students who I would casually mention my interest in gravity I fully expected him to say, you cannot teach that in schools.

However he then proceeded to explain to me how it could be used as analogy.

An Example: –
“Sir, How did the ocean of planet Earth arrive?”  4,600 million years ago planet Earth was formed. 4,500 million years ago a solid iron, silicon Mars-sized projectile would impact planet Earth covered by a layer of ice 50 kilometres thick. When the Mars sized projectile would land on planet Earth so would our oceans.

Zircon is actually the oldest known mineral on Earth and is more than 4,400 million years old and must have been produced in the presence of water, a date close to the arrival of the solid very iron silicon Mars-sized projectile.

There is no proof but this is how you can think the Oceans may have arrived.

Had this meeting not taken place with the Dean of Students, my interest in “Gravity” would have been a casual interest never committed to paper.

I have no objection to school teachers or lecturer to take models from “gravityindustrialdesign”.  I do not even mind book authors to present from Volume One of my website. I myself would not wish to present a book.


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