…a soft Brexit similar┬áto their situation.

I would suggest that Norway should read their history books.

The relationship between the E.U. and the U.K. is very different to the relationship between Norway and the E.U.

The prime mover in Europe is Germany.

Every country in the E.U. is in the red except Germany who are in the black.

Every country in the E.U. were vassal to Germany during World War II.

France even went one step further half of France was Vichy.

Also of course 20,000 french men were foreign volunteers to the S.S.

Some western European countries during World War II would offer Germany twice or three times that number.

England for all Sir Oswald Mosley’s efforts would only offer 54.

From 1925 the S.S. formed the elite of the Nazi movement.

Members underwent relentless training and a Nazi indoctrination that made them blindly obedient to Adolf Hitler.

Belgium would offer 43,000 Foreign volunteers to the S.S. which I suppose is the reason why Brussels was chosen as the seat of the European parliament by Germany.

There support for Germany would be rock solid.

The 27 nation states fit like a glove into E.U. membership. Germany had no say as to how Europe was going to be arranged after Potsdam.

Germany being split in half after World War II was crucial to the success of Europe. The U.K. could just be able to pay war reparation on behalf of Germany.

The model that the U.S.A. would have for Europe:-

Germany Victor

U.K. Vanquished

Russia Ogre

Would work very well for Europe. If was not the atom bomb that has Kept the peace in Europe, there have been plenty of small time wars since World War II and even one large country would walk into another country and occupy it.

Though I must admit there was good reason.

However the U.K. and Russia could never fit into Europe because neither was a vassal state.

The U.K. and Russia ti Germany are ogres of equal measure.

After the battle of Leningrad the Russians had 91,000 German prisoners of war in their custody.

When the final P.O.W.’s returned home from captivity in the 1950’s only around 6,000 had survived.

Today Germany birth rate is flat lining while the rest of the World would increase the population by 2/3.

You would have some idea as to how the situation worked out during World War II, when Goering was asked, “who won the battle of Britain.”

Goering thought for a moment, then said, “let us call it a draw, when we were called away to the Eastern Front the U.K. was loosing more aircraft than we were.”

This would beg the question, how can Germany possibly give us a sensible trade deal?

We have a good track record with regard to Hong King being a crown colony for many years.

Germany however has no track record that l know to Europe after Brexit.

A percentage of U.K. trade around the World in exchange for free trade with Europe?

Therefore how is “Lord of the Manor” the U.S.A. summarily dubbed Germany after.

World War II going to play their hand with regard to free trade.

If would appear like a simple process however World War II will be like a steel grip around the wrist of Germany.

Norway Would Suggest to the U.K.