Gravity by Michael J White

Gravity, Nature of Electric Charge

Arrival of the Oceans. by Michael J White

A 1974 dictionary of science would state, "Science does not understand the nature of an electric charge".

Since in some cases the electron moves at one thousandth of one mile per hour and the charge at the speed of light - it is a fair bet the electron is not the nature of an electric charge. So we will state that the electron moves and space pressure moves in the opposite direction in order to meet the oncoming void. That is the nature of an electric charge.

Where did the oceans come from?

Stars are normally binaries in the first instant. The thrust disc to our sun takes a small slice out of its opposite number equal to 0.1 per cent of the solar system sending its opposite number out into deep space, leaving this small slice with 99 per cent of the angular momentum of the solar system.

One of the molten orbs taken from our opposite number was impacted by a Mars-sized solid iron/silicon sphere covered by a layer of ice 50km thick. The resulting slag furnace situation was to become planet earth. Continents at point of impact, oceans at the opposite side.

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Research for the article carried out in the Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull 92 - 2001