Gravity by Michael J White

Gravity, Nature of Electric Charge

Arrival of the Oceans. by Michael J White

Oh! But we cannot stop here; the stacking hopper of the earth must also be supplied by a thin rotating thrust disc at the major diameter, which rotates our moon in its orbit. Furthermore the thrust disc to the stacking hopper of the sun rotates all the solar planets in the same direction in their orbit, the earth being rotated at nearly 67,000 mph.

You may ponder however that planet earth rotates on its axis. You may consider that the thrust disc of the sun which feeds its stacking hopper is like water going down a plug hole, high speed towards the sun and a much lower speed towards Pluto.

Were you to consider this to be the reason for the rotation of the earth on its axis you would be wrong, since in this case the sun would rise in the west and set in the east. So perhaps you should look to the Milky Way for the reason, especially since the reason for our seasons, is that the axis of the earth always points to a certain star out in space, sometimes we are angled towards the sun and sometimes away.

Now you may say that we have a universal system for the effects of gravity, but once again you would be wrong. The gravity system which holds the solar system together cannot hold the mighty Milky Way together, especially when you consider that it is moving at the incredible speed of 900,000 mph towards the constellation of Virgo.

The Milky Way once again shaped like a disc, however, take a fishing float at the centre and it is in flight mode at 35 degrees to this. The solar system however is making its way around the Milky Way at 500,000 mph.

Now why should the Milky Way have this flight path I wonder? I think perhaps the hint here is the constant speed of light, constant whatever speed you are doing, hence an indication of constant space pressure. Let's face it the system would not work otherwise. However the universe is expanding, how do we maintain constant space pressure? - You impact galaxies in the outer skin.

Let us consider the reason for the effects of gravity that hold our Milky Way together. At the centre a mandrel of light has been observed. A black hole is said to be at the centre of the Milky Way. So let us imagine that we have a donut shaped star here, particles as they approach the speed of light entering the donut increases in mass, greatly accentuating the effects of gravity. The excess mass of particles must escape and are clearly visible.

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Research for the article carried out in the Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull 92 - 2001