Gravity by Michael J White

A ship would float on the oceans

A ship would float on the oceans, is powered by an engine is affected by the trade winds.

A Galaxy would float on Graviton Ocean, is powered by a Black-Hole Engine, is affected by tida1 gravitons attracted to nearby Galaxies of greater proportion.

In order to have Black-Hole Engine we require to employ a Doughnut shaped Star, nothing else will work.

90% of materia1 in the Universe is not radiating at any wave-length in the entire electro-magnetic spectrum. A graviton is said to be 10(-35) metres or a 50mm diameter sphere divided in half 111 times. That our Graviton Ocean.

For a11 the Galaxies a rotating disc would feed a stacking hopper in order to replace gravitons entrained about the proton.

This is our tida1 flow attracting the Mi1ky Way. Stars are said to be binaries in the first instant. Of course our Star the Sun was a binary in the first instant because the Solar planets have almost all the angular momentum of the Solar system.

You cannot produce binary stars by means of accretion that is impossible. Therefore binary stars are manufactured, and they are manufactured with In B1ack-Hole Engines

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