Gravity by Michael J White

The Nature of an Electric Charge

A 1974 Dictionary of Science would state:-

"Science does not understand the nature of an electric charge".

As a boy of eight during the early '40s I would receive an electric shock in my right arm. This electric shock would appear to me as a sudden surge of fluid into my arm. Further analysis of this sudden surge of fluid into my arm would be available in the early '90s.

90% of the material in the Universe is not radiating at any wavelength in the entire electromagnetic spectrum. What is clear to me now is that the surge of fluid would leave my arm and with seamless open ended interactive dialogue would join the 90% of spacia1 graviton materia1. However, the impression we are given is that the electron is the nature of an electric charge.

Not so! The electron in some cases would move at one thousandth of one mile per hour whereas the electric charge would move at the speed of light.

It quite clear what is happening here.

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