Gravity by Michael J White

Gravity, Nature of Electric Charge

Arrival of the Oceans. by Michael J White

Entrained gravity particles around the proton must be replaced. They are replaced by a stacking hopper situated around the proton. This stacking hopper must be supplied and it is supplied by a thin wavering disc at the major diameter. This wavering disc requires to use pi in order to work out the number of gravity particles to be supplied.

This is a sum that the thrust disc must get wrong. To correct this error we introduce the electron, which whirls its paddle furiously in order to maintain the correct calculation, this may be observed when you take off your woolly jumper in a dark bedroom.

The resulting atom is now neutral and everything balances out. However, we have yet to supply the wavering thrust disc.

My next sphere of influence is the stone dust hopper. Stone dust is very fine, and is used down coalmines to fight fires.

At the centre of a stone dust hopper is a vertical tube and at the bottom of this tube is an air operated agitator. Opposite the agitator the tube has two openings through which we feed the stone dust.

You need a stacking hopper to supply the stone dust agitator and you must need a stacking hopper to supply the atom cathedrals of planet earth.

This is the nature of the effects of gravity. You are standing in a river flow of gravitons travelling toward earth to replace those lost at the proton. However the gravitons flow through your body with comparative ease. The effect of gravity is said to be the weakest of the known forces and since the surface of the proton is the author, this is quite understandable - a fly in a cathedral!

There are some anomalies with regard to the effects of gravity; e.g. it is stronger at the poles than it is at the equator. However, the projected area of the planet earth is greater at the poles. Should we venture to an African township on the equator, a local person was able to demonstrate the flow of water out of the a funnel rotated in opposite directions at each end of the road crossing the equator.

I have no doubt in my mind that this is the nature of the effects of gravity, principally because there is no alternative way of achieving this phenomenon.

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Research for the article carried out in the Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull 92 - 2001