Gravity by Michael J White


The Milky Way is travelling at 900,000 mph.

Why do we sense no movement?

Ancients would say that light was transmitted by a means called a universal Aether. Our planet moves through space at speed. What is the density of Aether? 90% of the matter in the universe is not radiating at any wavelength in the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This important discovery is composed of gravitons which are 50mm diameter spheres divided in half 111 times.

Divide a 50mm diameter sphere in half 29 times and you are down to the size of an atom. The nucleus of an atom is a fly in a cathedral.

If we are to live on Earth we must in some fluid system way be part of he planet that we stand on. Even if we go down under to Australia. Clearly the Aether flows towards Earth and through everything that would reside on it however heavy or fast. This means this mass of gravitation material can pass through human beings and anything else with comparative ease.

We therefore cannot sense the speed of our vehicle, The Milky Way, through space.

This mass of universal gravitons means that we are subject to space pressure.

Space pressure must be constant because the speed of light is constant whatever the speed of travel.

This means electric charge is simply space pressure being channelled into an area for our use.

However this argument would beg the question, does planet Earth float and is movement by cosmic tidal forces?

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