Gravity by Michael J White

Science and The Industrial Design Engine

by Michael J White - Essay and the Cosmos

What is the power unit that drives Earth on its private invisible highway round the Sun?

Where is our place of departure?

A native of Africa at the Equator would have a funnel with escaping water. On the surface of the water he would place a straw. One end of the street the straw would rotate clockwise, at the other end of the street, anticlockwise. should you imagine a rotating disc at the centre of the street. Look at the disc from one end of the street and it would be rotating clockwise.

Look at the same rotating disc from the other end of the street and it would appear to rotate anti-clockwise.

Our disc would rotate the Moon in its orbit. The Moon would take 27.32 Earth days to orbit the Earth. Its gravity exerts a strong influence over our planet. In the way of tides. This disc that would rotate our Moon in its orbit has a purpose. It would supply an imploding graviton stacking hopper at the surface of planet Earth.

However, why the implosion?

The proton at the centre of the atom would attract the graviton because of coanda effect. However, the atom also has a stacking hopper and because of the miniature arrangement has a problem with pi a sum it must get wrong. Hence the introduction of the electron.

Gravitons lost at the proton due to space pressure not being present at the surface of the proton must mean that a stacking hopper is required worldwide which obviously will require a certain volume to be supplied by the thrust disc to the stacking hopper, what happens next?

The clue here is the friction experienced by astronauts as they enter the Earth's atmosphere. This certain volume stacking hopper will attract a definite thickness of drape forming gravitons and it is this dense shell of gravitons that the astronauts require to force their way through.

Our star the Sun has a thrust disc in the same way that planet Earth has one and it is this power unit that drives Earth on its private invisible highway round the Sun?

Will the authors of children's books be able to arrive at a plausible read?


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