Do you sometimes wonder why English railway systems do not compare favourably with those in Germany and France?

The reason simply is politics.

After World War II, Germany was split in half and a bomb-site. Russia had 5 times the troops of N.A.T.O. the labour govenment was in power with it’s utopian credentials.

The only country able to pay war reparation after World War II was the U.K.

The future of Europe would hang on a precipice.

No way would the Labour Government allow the U.K. citizens to self-harm and experience trauma due to the fact that it would be in the process of financing Germany and France after World War II.

Great relief would be experienced when the Conservative government would come into power.

The U.S.A. model for Europe was now on track.

We would then continue to use steam trains long after Europe because the finance was not there to convert to diesel.

Today German and French trains are a source of much pride and their fares are much cheaper.

Between 1959 and 1986 our factory units would be taken as War Reparation.

This situation was presented to U.K. citizens and natural unfolding development.

The only citizens to know the real truth were present at the Butts Technical College in Coventry during 1950.

As a place of education it was the most magical place on planet Earth.

During 1950 I would enter industry at age 15 years with no qualifications whatsoever.

With one day release and five year indentured apprenticeship, ten years later an areo engine fuel system designer.

the mechanics of how engineering would be organised in those days is not understood by the government of today.

Each factory would have a research and development department which would have evolved from the original launch of the factory.

Every day a boffin-type character would emerge from the office in order to survey their test facility. I was an aircraft hydraulics designer and was never allowed to approach that boffin, know their names or ask questions of their work.

When a vast quantity of U.K. factories was taken as War Reparation the rest of the world would find that life would become most miserable with regard to innovation.

Today it is at an all-time low according to the charts given in books.

King George VIwould demonstrate his considerable knowledge of the developmentof the atomic bomb. He would discuss with Admiral Leahy, the President’s Chief of Staff, possible uses of atomic energy after the war,

Admiral Leahy was skeptical, saying, “It sounds like a professor’s dream to me”. To which the King quickly responded, “Would you like to lay a little bet on that, Admiral?”.

1946 – The Labour government under Attlee would devise their own nuclear capability.

1956 – The Queen opens Calder Hall. Enough electricity was now being produced to supply a city of 150,000 people.

Calder Hall operated successfully for forty-seven years.

German and French Railway Systems