Gravity by Michael J White

The hard rock formation and Diamonds of Africa

by Michael J White

Since Pangaea would only put in an appearance 240 million years ago, how do you explain the fact that a tree 90 feet high, 335 million years old was found in Craig Scotland. Quite simply the process is ongoing during the present day, the sudden appearance of volcanic islands from the time of the arrival of the oceans on planet Earth.
Even so they are generally on a three million year conveyor belt cycle and then disappear.
However, this is sufficient time to produce vegetation and seed the emerging Pangaea.
400 million years ago early amphibians would colonize land.
The big boys would arrive 200 million years ago, the age of the dinosaurs onto the elemental parts of Pangaea our ancestral home.
The dinosaur would reign for 135 million years.
What an achievement!

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