Gravity by Michael J White

The hard rock formation and Diamonds of Africa

by Michael J White

What is not mentioned is that the gaping hole left by this event would become a volcanic safety valve and the magma ejected would eventually become our ancestral home 240 million years ago Pangaea.
We are saying the only resonable way that the oceans could have arrived would be if the Mars size projectile was covered with 50km thick of ice.
As the hot surface of the planet Earth disappeared under the icy waters, a solid surface would result over the surface of our planet. A process used by blacksmiths today.
However, our volcanic safety valve has only just ejected the magma of our Moon, therefore for a while very little magma would get ejected.
The icy waters would overwhelm the small amount of magma in the volcanic safety valve.
It would go solid, break up and sink below the surface of the oncoming magma and be subjected to enormous pressure.

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