Scotland, Northern Ireland, London, 70% of parliamentary members were remainers.

The fact that the E.U. must at the end of the day issue a document that would demonstrate its negotiating position with Brexit would mean that a document involving the above remainers would not be possible.

Because of this Scotland, Northern Ireland, and London, at the completion of negotiations must work their interactive dialogue with the E.U. through Wales since Wales is the only Brexit country in the U.K.

All documents signed at agreement must be with a Brexit country in the U.K., they cannot be signed with the remainer contingent.

Remainers with to stay in the E.U., hence it is impossible to sign off a Brexit deal with them.

For remainers to stay within the E.U. in any shape or form is not possible since they were out voted in a referendum.


Most certainly the U.K. parliament should negotiate with the E.U. since they have been elected to represent the U.K.

However parliament have a vote on the eventual outcome.

Parliament however do not have a mandate to overturn the agreement between the  E.U. and the U.K.

However they are allowed to comment on the eventual outcome and make certain requests.

The E.U. and the U.K. may if they so wish nudge the final agreement in accordance with requests.

The agreement between the E.U. and the U.K. is then taken to Wales in order that it may be signed off by a Brexit country within the U.K.

Wales however have no powers to alter that agreement in any way.



Harry Truman and James Byrnes would state upon entering Potsdam that the only aid forthcoming would be Lend-Lease assistance specifically linked to the military defeat of Japan.

Truman stood in a far stronger position than it had in 1919.

Franklin Roosevelt had issued the Atlantic Charter agreed with Winston Churchill. also new instruments of power backed American talk in the way of the Bretton Woods economic agreements. The  United Nations and the atomic bombwould also offer far more cards for Truman to play in his hand than Woodrow Wilson in 1919 could ever have imagined.

Potsdam symbolized how far the United States had come in thirty years in its understanding of the World.

The American leaders would use the power to reshape Europe.

James Byrnes believed that dividing Germany for the purposes of reparations,  would remove this as an area of friction.


It was also quite possible that Germany might turn out to be the most reliable partner for peace in Europe.

The E.U.  would appear to be in denial with regard to its origins and what is taught to German children in schools on this, the most important event in their history.

Without Potsdam Germany could possibly be a communist state.

However I feel that the U.K. would pay the heaviest price for World War II. Germany would be absolved of all debt and the U.K. would pay war reparation on behalf of Germany in the way of its factory units since the U.K. had become so impoverished, it could offer nothing else.

France cannot stop laughing with regard to the position the U.K. would find itself.

The utopian ideals of France with regard to the rights of its citizens in the workplace are all very well, however had Winston Churchill not agreed with the U.S.A. as  to their plan for Europe, all of Germany would have been communist to this day.


Russia was a close ally with the U.K. during World War II and that situation most certainly would have continued.

The U.S.A.  did have a strong hand with regard to its plan for Europe however without the co-operation of Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin (that in the wrong order) their plan for Europe would be in tatters.

France then of course would have a communist Germany as a neighbour.

From a financial point of view it was not in our interests to comply with the U.S.A. plan for Europe.

However a Hong Kong arrangement possibly could redress the balance.

Brexit – How Can the E.U. Negotiate with Remainers?