The mechanics of how this was distributed to Germany after World War II, a country split in half and a bomb site is clearly a closely guarded secret since being generous to the point of ridiculous would incense those who would be involved with the intense battle scenes with fury.

However, should you believe the myth, that Germany today would spring from a few loans made available from the U.S.A. you would not view the success of Germany from my viewpoint.

The only people that can have any possible understanding were at the Butts Technical, College, Coventry during 1950, together with those who would collect inland revenue.

People today are dealing with a present-day Germany with their statutes and wishes.

That which would finance Germany in the first place would not be part of the Brexit negotiations.

However, those particular details would be part of every divorce negotiations under the Sun.

In order for Brexit negotiations to proceed in their present form, we must presume that the U.K. would not finance Germany in any way or form after World War II.

The Potsdam Conference in Berlin was waiting for the British delegation in order to proceed with the settlement of German and European affairs.

Attlee was back in Berlin with Ernest Bevin at his side as Foreign Secretary.

Subsequently, however, President Truman would end Lend-Lease arrangements on 17 August 1945 meant that we had to cope with the implications of an enormous uncovered external debt of £3,355,000. As well as this, Britain’s invisible income had been cut by more than fifty percent because of the sale of over four thousand million pounds worth of overseas assets and investments, there was a huge internal debt. a deficit on the balance of payments of three hundred million pound for 1946, and an export trade that had shrunk to forty percent of its 1938 total.

Although four thousand million dollars were eventually raised in the United States at two percent interest, the Americans insisted that sterling must be made freely convertible into dollars after twelve months.

The winter of 1946-47 was the worst on record for sixty-six years.

Events would make life appear most gloomy. Two years later the devaluation of the pound from its old exchange rate of $4.03 to $2.80.

The difference between how Germany was treated after World War II and how the U.K. was treated would colour our relationship in the future years.

Was the U.K. well and truly clobbered with debt after World War II and was Germany absolved of all debt.

Did our factory units pay war reparation on behalf of Germany after World War II?

Hence this is a situation that neither the U.S.A., the U.K. or Germany would ever admit to.

France, of course, is overjoyed at this situation.

They could not believe that a country which was so pivotal with regard to the success in Europe during World War II was treated as though the U.K. had brought about World War II.

Was West Germany after World War II absolved of all debt?

Where there is neither Rhyme nor Reason there is no book.

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