Potsdam 1945

In order to turn the mindset of Europe back to Sanity.

Due to Germany being absolved of all world debt world wide (remember that Greece would complain).

Due to all countries in the world must pay all debt owed to Germany from before World War II at 1945 rates, a decision made at Potsdam 1945 and the USA had the power worldwide at this time in order to enforce this.

The UK would pay war reparation on behalf of Germany in the way of it’s factory units and this would come to fruition worldwide during 1980.

Article 50 was triggered – 29th March 2017

Brexit Wales would consider the trigger Potsdam 1945.

When I would ring a local library in order to find the date that Article 50 was triggered, I would say to the archivist when I asked the question, you would sound rather bored.

Have you been receiving a lot of questions on the subject? The archivist would answer ‘No. You are the only one’.

This would mean that the general public have no interest in Brexit, whereas with parliament it is a most difficult chore.

The hint here was when the finances of Greece would become precarious. They would say, if Germany was to pay their debts after World War II, we would not be in this position.

In a recent case, when a large firm would go into liquidation, their supplier firms would then risk becoming bankrupt. Today all countries in the E.U. are in the red whilst Germany is in the black.

This is entirely due to the Potsdam agreement.

The postdam agreement in effect would automatically make E.U. countries vassal to Germany. The U.K. however, would suffer further humiliation and would have to pay war reparation on behalf of Germany after World War II.

Trade and prosperity is no longer a level playing field.

I would switch on my TV….

Mr Michael Barnier would be leaving Brussels towing a case full of the statutes and laws of the E.U. together with the wishes of 28 nation states.

Mr Barnier is arriving in London with the purpose of asking the U.K. what sort of trade deal they would hope for with the E.U. Mr barnier’s serious remedial intervention was required at Potsdam in order to return the mindset of Europe back to sanity. Untold misery was inflicted on the citizens of the U.K. in order to affect this remedial intervention.

It is in recognition of the heroism of 1950’s citizens of the U.K. that Germany and France alone should be honest brokers and produce a fair trade deal for the U.K.

The nation states of the E.U. had absolutely nothing to do with Potsdam. They were not involved.

Therefore they are not involved with the trade talks between the U.K., France and Germany.

Quite simply, France and Germany should offer the U.K. a trade deal:-

    A percentage of your trade deals around the world in exchange for trade deals with the E.U.

The U.K.’s credentials with regards to this are impeccable. You have only to look to the Crown Colony of Hong Kong.

Berlin 1945
17th July – 2nd August
Cecilienhof – Home of Crown Prince Wilhelm

Potsdam Conference

Joseph Stalin – Leading person with the most military in Europe
Harry Truman – President of U.S.A.
Clement Attlee – Labour Prime Minister
Ernest Bevin – Foreign Secretary
Winston Churchill – War time Prime Minister

Potsdam would decide how Europe would be arranged.
Delegates gathered to decide how to administer the defeated nazi germany which agreed to unconditional surrender.

9 weeks earlier – 8th May
They wanted to establish post war order
Peace treaty issues would be covered
Also countering effects of the war.

Compare this with fuss-pot Brexit…Pathetic!

Brexit – Article 50 was Triggered – 29th March 2017