Rt Hon Lord Norman Fowler
Lord Speaker
House of Lords
London SW1A 0PW

22 February 2019


Dear Lord Speaker,

As a draughtsman working on the propeller shafting on a through deck cruiser during 1973, another draughtsman came up to me and say “Did you know 70% of MPs in Parliament were not born in this country?”

I will not enter into a dialogue on immigration, however there is one thing that is certain, the country we have today would not have been able to tackle the problem that the UK had at Potsdam 1945.

Also, the country we have today, due to the immigration fog and mist that is attached to the Brexit scene cannot solve the problems we have here because of their variety of well developed social systems that the 1950’s descendants simply do not have.

The only solution here is for Buckingham Palace, the House of Lords and Jean Claude Juncker to work out a possible solution to Brexit then present this an an alternative.

Attached I have suggested the route as close as possible “try and give everyone that wish they voted for” and also try to fulfill the wishes of the EU.

Potsdam 1945 has once more returned to haunt us. 1940’s UK Britain could handle it but Immigration Britain cannot even begin ti imagine what it is all about.


Yours sincerely,


Michael J White

A Letter to the Lord Speaker