Gravity by Michael J White

Pangaea and the arrival of the Oceans

Michael J White. 19th October 2012

We therefore have the case that our ancestral home Pangaea 250 million years ago was a molten supercontinent in the middle of an ancient ocean.
What a spectacular vision.
Let us face it fishare "fusspots" to end all "fusspots" when it comes to quality of water. They go belly up at the drop of a hat.
Fish require oxygen to breath. Just how long does it take to oxygenate clear ice water?
This really is the job of a foundry manager to work all this out and not myself.
Few fossils are found in rocks 4,000 million years ago- Planet Earth was only formed 4,600 million years ago. You can clearly see where this is heading to. Even a few fossils 4,000 million years ago must mean they were produced with water present.
Low and behold, what happened between 4,000 and 4,600 million years ago planet Earth was impacted by a solid iron silicon Mars size projectile 4,500 million years ago.

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