Gravity by Michael J White

Pangaea and the arrival of the Oceans

Michael J White. 19th October 2012

When considering the layout of a Black Hole together with the location of the surrounding stars it must be considered that this is the most likely location for the manufacture of binary stars.
My only clue here is the fact that one scientist would depict a pair of trouser legs within the Black Hole The reason for this I do not know, however:- In order to strip away all the neutrons in order to leave us with protons and electrons let us imagine we have a donut shaped star here, particles as they approach the speed of light entering the donut increase in mass, greatly accentuating the effects of gravity.
The excess mass of particles must escape and we would pose the possibility that it is via a pair of trouser legs. Let us visit one of those molten orbs released by the thrust disc of our star the Sun, which was to become planet Earth.
The five continents that we call home did not put in an appearance until 240 million years ago. However fish are the most ancient forms of life with a history of 450 million years and the Nautilus a history of 500 million years.

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