Gravity by Michael J White

Pangaea and the arrival of the Oceans

Michael J White. 19th October 2012

Stars are normally binaries in the first instant, sometimes there are even a pair of binaries.
Was our star the Sun part of a binary. The fact that the planets have over 99% of the angular momentum of the Solar system would suggest that the Sun was part of a binary.
The only way the planets could have this angular momentum is if the thrust disc of our Sun took a small number of molten orbs out of its opposite number.
It perhaps may be considered that our star the Sun was formed by means of accretion. However since the Sun is made of hydrogen you must shed all neutrons in order to be left with protons and electrons. Accretion is not a possibility. Therefore further to the difficulty of producing a binary by means of accretion it must be considered that a binary must be manufactured.

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