Gravity by Michael J White

Pangaea and the arrival of the Oceans

Michael J White. 19th October 2012

The appetite for gravitons via a thrust disc and stacking hopper at the Sun is the reason for our rotation within the Solar system.
The very same system of thrust disc and stacking hopper at planet Earth and the implosion of gravitons towards planet Earth is what we call gravity. However why the implosion?
The simple word is "entrainment".
Stand on a railway platform as a 125 is passing through and you are wise to stand well back, since the 125 removes the air from in front of you and 14.7 lb per sq inch in the old money will thrust you into the side of the train.
As you are driving your car down an "A" road a large truck travelling in the opposite direction will remove air from one side of your car and 14.7 lb per sq inch will give you a shove from the other side.

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